The Katubig Wrap-Box works as an apple box and a wirless, bluetooth speaker. Wrap with rythm!

(Patent Pending)

Wrap-Box beta

PriceFrom $445.00

    The Wrap-Box beta is constructed of locally sourced, 9 ply baltic birch and hand crafted in Los Angeles, California.


    Battery Plate options: Gold Mount, Dewalt, and V-mount

    (batteries not included)


    PRO: The pro can FILL a stadium or RSI Pamona with warm music, sporting two 8" loudspeakers and a bluetooth amplifier that has volume, bass, and treble controls.

    (Producers always tell me to turn this one down) 

    Budget: The Budget can FILL a space as large as Filmtools, Burbank. It sports two 6.5" loudspeakers and a bluetooth amplifier.